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Lee Suhyun Alien, LEE SUHYUN - ‘ALIEN’ M/V, AKMU, 03:24, PT3M24S, 4.67 MB, 14,180,552, 876,154, 7,427, 2020-10-16 09:00:02, 2020-12-05 18:00:31, lee+suhyun+alien, Pak Untung, plesk.revisium.com


AKMU | 03:24 | 14,180,552

LEE SUHYUN – ‘ALIEN’ My mama told me I'm ALIEN 사실 넌 저 먼 별나라에서 왔어 You in that planet used to be a champion 금메달까지 딴 일등 선수였어 점점 잘나고 커진 널 더 이상 담을 수...

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