Premium or Shared Hosting editions: which one to choose?

Starting from 2.x the Revisium Antivirus is available as Premium and Shared Hosting editions.

Premium edition enables one-click automatic malware cleanup, scheduled and periodic websites scanning, priority domain reputation check and blacklisting status monitoring. Administrator can set up everyday checks of the websites and remove malware instantly so the reputation of websites will not be damaged.

Shared Hosting edition includes everything from Premium edition plus it adds new “Users” tab with overall scanning status/user notification managements. Shared Hosting edition is integrated with Service Plans/Subscriptions and allows administrator configure available features for particular Subscriptions or Add-ons. E.g. administrator can enable antivirus for particular group of customers or enable automatic cleanup feature for premium service plans, etc.

If you’re an administrator of VPS managing your own websites and want to keep security under control then Premium version is for you.

If you’re a hosting provider, agency or web-studio with 30+ clients on servers and want to

  • see an overall infection status grouped by users rather than websites,
  • provide an individual access to the antivirus per service plan (disable scanning/cleanup features for some service plans, etc),
  • manage user notifications,

then you need a Shared Hosting edition of the Revisium Antivirus.

If you are already a Premium user you can keep the current license or upgrade it to Shared Hosting edition. New features will be unlocked instantly after the license is updated.